We want you and your child to feel confident with a beautiful smile. Regardless of age, Invisalign is the clear solution for crooked, crowded, gapped, or otherwise misaligned smiles.

Dr. McLellan has treated patients with Invisalign since it first came to market. And now, we’re pleased to offer Invisalign’s latest product Invisalign First for kids and teens.

As an adult, you might consider straightening your teeth because:

  • A bad bite or malocclusion causes your teeth to fit together incorrectly.
  • Your teeth are crowded or spaced apart, which can lead to tooth decay or gum disease.
  • Crooked teeth are causing abnormal jaw pain or pressure.
  • You want a healthier mouth and a more confident smile.

Many children benefit from orthodontic treatment before gaining all their adult teeth. Children ages 6-10 can now be treated by Invisalign First for issues typically solved via arch expanders or partial metal braces. Early treatment prevents more severe problems or alignment issues while providing a strong foundation for permanent teeth to begin to erupt.

Invis for kids, tweens, and teens improves your child’s smile as they grow with greater predictability, less pain, and more comfort.


There are advantages of straightening a smile with Invisalign include:

  • Virtually invisible aligners.
  • Strong but flexible and comfortable plastic that’s better fitting and easier to insert and remove.
  • Fewer visits to the office.
  • No dietary restrictions such as sticky and crunchy foods.
  • Easy to brush and floss normally to maintain optimum oral hygiene throughout treatment.
  • Decreased likelihood of gum and cheek irritation.
  • Shorter treatment times averaging between nine and fifteen months.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the original and most advanced clear aligner system in the world, backed by the success of over four million smiles worldwide. Invisalign uses a series of custom clear aligners that apply pressure and gently shift teeth into their desired position. With Advanced SmartTrack® and SmartForce® technology, Invisalign is clinically proven to achieve 75% more predictable tooth movement.





Am I or My Child a Candidate?

Invisalign helps correct a wide variety of dental challenges, including:
• Gapped teeth
• Overbite
• Open bite
• Underbite
• Excessive crowding
• Crossbite

Why Choose Invisalign for Teens

Retainers to Maintain Results

Keep the smile you love with Vivera retainers — discreet, custom-made, and long-lasting. Once you transform a smile, keep it looking beautiful with a Vivera retainer that’s 2x as durable and 30% stronger than other retainers.


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out budget dental plan is better than insurance

Isn’t high-tech dental care expensive?

We understand dental care costs can take a financial toll. As a result, we provide dental services with no hidden fees and no additional post-treatment fees.

To make care affordable and convenient we work with most insurance plans and offer financing options and discount pricing for those who wish to self-pay.

What sets us apart is providing the best oral care possible at an affordable rate.

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