For many people, their smile and confidence go together. Dr. McLellan has deep experience providing high-quality cosmetic dentistry that gives you a beautiful smile to boost your confidence and takes years off your appearance. Whether you need a simple fix or a full smile makeover, we have the experience, tools, and technology to serve you well.

Smile Design

If you’re in need of a complete smile makeover, Dr. McLellan has the advanced training and technology to give you the perfect, natural-looking smile you desire. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has helped many patients transform their smiles and lives with smile design.

Your smile, needs, and preferences are as unique as you are, so the process starts with a comprehensive consultation. Together we’ll come up with a treatment plan to improve your smile in a way that fits your schedule and budget. You can achieve the smile of your dreams!




If you want to correct a single problem tooth, or all your teeth with a full smile makeover, veneers may be the best comprehensive solution for you. Rather than enduring multiple restorative treatments, we can achieve the same results in a single treatment with veneers. If your smile shows chips, cracks, gaps, stains, overlapping, or any other cosmetic flaw, we may be able to correct all of them with veneers.

Veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored porcelain bonded to the visible surface of the tooth or teeth to provide a more uniform, perfect appearance.



Teeth Whitening

The first thing your smile says about you shouldn’t be “I love coffee!” Don’t get us wrong, we love our coffee too, so before we do anything drastic like telling you to give it up, we offer a simple alternative with a professional teeth whitening treatment — either in-office bleaching or take-home whitening kits.

Many teeth whitening products claim to deliver professional results, but the truth is you can only achieve professional results with professional products and services that don’t cause unnecessary pain and sensitivity like drugstore products.

We provide a simple high-quality process for dramatic teeth whitening results with minimal sensitivity and pain.

smiling woman with newly whited teetch

Dental Bonding

At Blue Sky Dental Care, we love bonding with our patients as much as we love bonding teeth. Bonding is a simple and affordable treatment that can correct a number of minor imperfections without doing anything drastic.

We use tooth-colored resin to build out chips, cover and reinforce cracks, fill gaps, and hide stains. Bonding can be a comprehensive solution for a single problem tooth or multiple teeth. If you don’t want to invest in or commit to more extensive treatments like veneers, orthodontics, or restorative work, bonding can be the simple solution for a small change with a big impact.



“I had gum recession and sensitivity, but not anymore! Dr. McLellan used bonding to cover these areas and ten years later, it still looks great. The dentist I saw before coming here had referred me for gum surgery. So glad I found a second opinion and new dental home. Thank you!” — Michelle C.


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out budget dental plan is better than insurance

Isn’t high-tech dental care expensive?

We understand dental care costs can take a financial toll. As a result, we provide dental services with no hidden fees and no additional post-treatment fees.

To make care affordable and convenient we work with most insurance plans and offer financing options and discount pricing for those who wish to self-pay.

What sets us apart is providing the best oral care possible at an affordable rate.

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