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Your smile has a big impact on your life. We offer a range of dental cosmetic services like dental implants, Invisalign, and full dental cosmetic makeovers.

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Your health and well-being are our top priority. At Blue Sky Dental you get high-tech and compassionate care that:

  • Protects your teeth with preventative oral health and oral cancer screening.

  • Restores broken-down, failing teeth with extremely durable, naturally appearing crowns and veneers.

  • Saves teeth with root-canal therapy.

  • Straightens your smile with Invisalign & Invis for Kids & Teens.

  • Replaces missing teeth with effective and beautiful dental implants.

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Dan McLellan, DDS

Dr. McLellan and his staff are always incredibly nice and professional. The office is always immaculate. He is thorough and compassionate. I would recommend him to anyone. ~Christopher G.

Dr. McLellan was great – really nice and really smart. He told me things about my bite that I had never heard before and I’m sleeping better at night. His office is REALLY clean. I highly recommend him. ~ Elise C.

Great staff with a doctor who truly cares about his patients. ~ Lavona J.

Took the time to describe step-by-step what to expect. His clear explanations really helped manage my stress. I felt well taken care of by Dr. McLellan and his staff! ~ Karen S.

I wish I would have started here first when I considered getting implants. If you are considering implants, save yourself time, money, and sales pitches from others who have little experience. Dr. Dan is the one you want for implants! ~ Charles M.

High-Tech Dentistry with Compassion

At Blue Sky Dental Care, Dr. McLellan and our outstanding team are committed to your health and well-being. We provide advanced dental care in a modern, compassionate environment. Patients frequently tell us their visits are enjoyable and comfortable.

Our patients enjoy the latest dental technology that can truly transform your dental outcome. In addition to digital imaging, we use the most advanced Swiss-made equipment. All dental components are US-made, and we only use the very best US labs to produce beautiful crowns, implants, and veneers.

Dr. McLellan has received advanced training in many areas of dentistry to provide comprehensive care for all your dental needs under one roof. If you’re looking for high-quality dentistry from the same doctor each time, you’ve come to the right place.

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