Blue Sky Dental Care is here for you during emergencies.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a toothache or dental injury, don’t wait until tomorrow to seek treatment. Dental injuries are highly time-sensitive, so you should give us a call right away at 410-569-9492.

We leave room in our schedule every day to accommodate emergencies.



“Our 16-year-old son was hit by a car while riding his bike. The first miracle was that though his neck was broken, his life was spared, and he walked out of John’s Hopkins after a four-day stay. The second miracle was finding Dr. Dan of Blue Sky Dental Care to take care of his teeth which were chipped and broken. My son had experienced a lot of pain and fear in his past visits with our family dentist for just basic dental work, so I was dreading the time, fear, pain, and cost of these much more extensive interventions and repairs that he would need. Dr. Dan adjusted his schedule to see us quickly. In fact, the day after being discharged from the hospital Dr. Dan stayed late and gave him what he called a “temporary fix.” The temporary fix looked so good, it was hard to tell he had even been in an accident! And even better than that, my son declared that it was the best dental visit he had ever experienced. In the weeks and months that followed, Dr. Dan gently led my son through the process of getting his mouth fixed – and even looking better than normal. My son asked to switch to Dr. Dan for his normal dental visits, and even though it is a 40-minute drive, it is very worth it to us to have not only Dr. Dan’s quality care, but the gentleness and kindness that my son needs. Thank you, Dr. Dan and Blue Sky Dental Care! You helped us through a very difficult time!”   — Marita S.


  • Off Route 24 just west of the Festival in Belair.
  • Adjacent to Bertucci’s and next door to Jos A Bank.


out budget dental plan is better than insurance

Isn’t high-tech dental care expensive?

We understand dental care costs can take a financial toll. As a result, we provide dental services with no hidden fees and no additional post-treatment fees.

To make care affordable and convenient we work with most insurance plans and offer financing options and discount pricing for those who wish to self-pay.

What sets us apart is providing the best oral care possible at an affordable rate.

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